Soundbreakers is a gifted figure in the world of music production on the whole (arrangement, composition, direction, production support, etc.), and has successfully established its career in producing a variety of artists (from black music to rock bands).
The messages that a song carries are vividly interwoven with Soundbreakers’ edgy sound production, and its gentle melodies are delivered straightly to the listeners’ heart and soul.
The more you listen to Soundbreakers’ music, the deeper you fall in love with its amazing groove.

Yuichi OHNO / 大野 裕一
Produce / Compose / Arrangement / Programming
主な使用機材は Logic PRO, Protools, Keyboards, Guitar

小学生のころからピアニカを使って作曲を始め音楽の世界を志す。23歳からアーティストの現場マネージャーを8年にわたって担当。その後、活動を制作にしぼり、2007年に DJ.O.T.A. と soundbreakers を結成。好きなものは、夕方の風景、ビール、広島カープ。


301 3-14-8
Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0004
realwords records
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