1. Runaway
  2. I'm Ready
  3. Eagle Eye ft. M.O.S.A.D.
  4. Rock With You ft. Lil' PATRA
  5. Callin' Angel ft. HI-D
  6. Re: Champagne ft. Full Of Harmony
  7. Crazy ft. MAY, SOCKS
  8. Save My Time ft. SYGNAL, 蝶々, 來々
  9. Chicken & Chips
  10. Music Man ft. CITY-ACE
  11. D.O.P.E. (Death Of Public Enemy) ft. DOPE BOYS (G.B.L., CITY-ACE,DEEP KAVAR)
  12. Sucker MC's
  13. Not Professional
  14. Winter Song ft. MIHIRO~マイロ~
  15. Live Your Life ft. 宏実
  16. My Fair Lady (Remix) ft. May J.